Get a real taste of the highlands

Summer brings many exciting events across Scotland. One of them is the annual Highland Games in Inverness, which will give you a taste of Highland warriors and more.

Have you ever wanted to participate in fun games and get a taste of being a Highlander? One of the best opportunities for this is the Inverness Highland Games. Now that summer is on its way, it’s time to play up your travels and make a visit to Scotland one of them.

On July 20 and 21, the Inverness Highland Games will take place in the city center and at Bught Park. It’s an opportunity for everyone to come together to try their hand at the Wheel Barrow Grand Prix, learn about Highland dancing and listen to local music. There is just a lot to do and see on the weekend and tickets are affordable for everyone (the most expensive is £ 8 for adults on Saturdays). Friday night is a gala night, while Saturday hosts all matches.

There is even a fun the foreigner event at the Highland Games 2018 on Saturday July 21. Inverness Outlanders will be around for the day at Bught Park in their Clan Tent.

We strongly encourage you to wear your Highland attire when attending the games. If you don’t have a clan yet, you can join one for the two day event, then the Fraser tartan is more than welcome for the the foreigner fans there. If you are feeling more MacKenzie, you are encouraged to choose this tartan instead. It’s completely up to you!

Even though it can be sunny during the day, be sure to take extra layers. This is Scotland. There is some truth to the saying “only in Scotland do you get all four seasons at the same time!”

Will you be attending the Inverness Highland Games? Is this something on your bucket list as the foreigner fan? Share your opinion in the comments below.

the Inverness Highlands Games 2018 will take place on July 20 and 21. You can only get tickets at the door.

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Jennifer R. Strohm