From Iceland — Cat Escapes Reykjavík Animal Services Via Window

The recently caught cat, Nóra, escaped from animal services in Reykjavík by jumping out of a window, reports Vísir.

A resident of Vesturær repeatedly complained about the cat around her house, so animal services set a trap to find the cat’s owner.

Nóra was caught and taken to animal services so that her microchip could be read. When the carrier was opened, she jumped out and escaped through the window.

Department Director and Reykjavík Animal Services Supervisor Þorkell Heiðarsson says he is very sorry about the incident.

Nóra was last seen in the Laugardalur Valley near the zoo. Þorkell asks anyone who sees a cat resembling Nóra in the area to call animal services immediately.

For their part, the owners of Nóra are decidedly unhappy with the way the city of Reykjavík has handled the matter. They knew their neighbor didn’t like Nóra and only learned that she had been taken into custody after asking the neighbor to tell them that she had called animal services to have the cat taken away.

“My understanding is that the city of Reykjavík has more or less stopped using this tactic and only does it when everything else has been tried,” one of Nóra’s owners, Guðmundur Felixson, told reporters, pointing out that his neighborhood is full of cats. “They should have at least contacted us first.”

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Jennifer R. Strohm