‘Forum for Craftsmen and Traditional Athletes:’ The Wisconsin Highland Games are back


WAUKESHA — Pull out the kilts — the Wisconsin Highland Games are back! Christina spent the morning in Waukesha with a taste of all the fun this weekend was.

About the Wisconsin Highland Games (website)

Wisconsin SCOTTISH Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt Wisconsin corporation. We have been commissioned to preserve the traditions, culture and heritage, and arts and crafts of the British Isles. We achieve this goal through educational and community activities such as the annual Wisconsin Highland Games.

The Highland Games and our other events provide a forum for traditional artisans and athletes, professional and amateur, to inform, educate, entertain and compete. These activities help create an environment where their arts and abilities can be enjoyed by a large number of people.

The fun and friendship don’t stop with the Highland Games! Throughout the year, you will find us participating in various community events. Some of them include St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Candy Cane Lane, Cancer Walks, Hockey Games and Brewer Games. Plus we have our members meetings, pub crawls and our annual holiday party which provides another chance to socialise. Become a member today!

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Jennifer R. Strohm