Fortnite’s Martin Luther King in-game event gets mixed reactions from fans

The hit battle royale game Fortnite hosts an interactive experience themed on the late civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

Entitled March Through Time, the event takes place in the game’s nonviolent creative mode and allows players to browse recreations of locations in Washington DC, where King gave his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech six years ago. decades.

Players can watch the speech in its entirety and visit museum-like spaces where they can learn about the American civil rights movement.

Reaction to the event was mixed, with many players suggesting they found the juxtaposition of Fortnite and King’s odd-tone speech.

Clips were shared on social media of gamers incongruously attending the event with avatars designed to resemble pop culture figures like Superman or Rick and mortyIt’s Rick Sanchez.

“The main problem is that Fortnite As it exists, it’s an aesthetically odd platform for brand integration, so putting Martin Luther King on it, even with the best of intentions, will always have an odd vibe, ”one Twitter user wrote.

“Losing your mind on how the biopic Selma was unable to obtain the licenses to use the actual speeches of the estate of Martin Luther King Jr, but Fortnite could, ”wrote another.

“I understand and believe that there is a way to educate young audiences through games and services, and it will be important to do so in the future, but my God this new Fortnite it’s really not that, ”someone else wrote.

Others, however, were more positive about the idea, with one person writing, “I just quickly scanned the @FortniteGame MLK content and it’s really interesting content. It needs some tweaking to get the point across, but at least for me it wasn’t something to start a petition about lol.

March Through Time is accessible in Fortnite now.

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