Fortnite’s end-of-season in-game event featuring Galactus went off with a bang

This is how you organize an event in the game. I hope you take notes.

If you’re here to see the in-game event, it’s at the end of this article. Click on here to go.

The end is near and Galactus has arrived in the world of Fortnite. The Devourer of Worlds is here, and according to Iron-Man, who rushes to save our character, he’s past zero point. An item that arrived in Fortnite during the first chapter and was eventually discovered in Loot Lake. Sure enough, the big guy gets his hands on it, and the combined efforts of Iron-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and yourself ensure that the end of the world doesn’t happen.

Yes, this skin is from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal – my son added it.

This is where you come in, as Iron-Man first provides the player with a jetpack, but ends up doing Tony Stark techno-magic and creating multiple versions of a now-armed battle bus. It’s also a bomb, hundreds of bombs in fact, with the plan to detonate Galactus and reverse the current situation. It’s a plot straight out of the comics. This is where it gets fun, as you take control of the Battle Bus and are tasked with taking down the drones Galactus sent to destroy the Battle Buses. Players can then use the armed battle buses to take down the drones and grab Galactus’ arm and fly through a trench, just like Luke Skywalker did in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope.’ I really enjoyed it.

Fortnite Galactus Event - Chapter 2 Season 5 coming soon

Just like shooting Womp Rats at home

Then we have the right to a cinema that shows the fruits of our labor. In the end, Galactus gets angry, then apparently explodes. We did it! We saved reality, or did we?

Fortnite Galactus Event - He Looks Pissed Off

The conclusion of this event was to find a Fortnite character, Agent Jonesy, lying on the ground, who appears to be passing out. Only to be woken up suddenly by a phone ringing, the character’s face comes alive and the screen goes black, much like ‘Back to the future’ style.

Seconds later, Epic Games announces that Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 will be live in 8:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m. PT / 11:00 p.m. ET.

Fortnite Galactus Event - Chapter 2 Season 5 coming soon

Hey look, this is chapter 2 of season 5!

As far as in-game events go, and being someone who isn’t a Fortnite fan, that was slightly fun. It wasn’t enough to keep me playing the game regularly, but it showed me that Epic Games has made tremendous strides from its first in-game event until now. I’ll be sure to attend other Fortnite in-game events, and who knows. However, due to this ending in the game, Chapter 2 of Season 4 is now complete, so logging into the game will only bring players to a countdown.

As for Chapter 2 of Season 5, who knows the theme will be this time, but we’ll all find out in 8 hours … assuming you read this before the new season begins.

In case you missed the in-game event, we’ve recorded it from start to finish for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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