Fortnite Mural could suggest an upcoming in-game event on July 14

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Over the years, we’ve seen Epic Games promote new Fortnite events by means other than the game itself.

Whether it’s sending a real Durr Burger in the middle of a desert or sending weird UFO messages to streamers, Epic is finding a way to let people know what’s going on in Fortnite.

They may have just started over with a Chicago mural. On July 3, players began reporting seeing a painting in the area suggesting something was happening on July 14.

It’s interesting to see an actual date given since the Cosmic Summer event has already taken place this season and will end before that date even takes place.

There’s no indication that Epic can’t have two events in one season, so either this mural is a very well-made and elaborate troll or something’s going to happen here. We will take a look.

Future event?

According to an image by Reddit user HostessGlazedDonut, which was later tweeted by HYPEX, there will be some sort of Fortnite event very soon.

The mural itself doesn’t give us much information other than a date, but it still seems like a work in progress.

HYPEX notes that there is a painting that is expected to appear in the game soon called “Majesty / Gandeur” and that it will come with a set of quests for players to complete.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether that means it will somehow relate to the mural or whether the two things are totally independent.

We don’t yet know if there will be an update for that next Tuesday, but if there is, we’ll likely learn a bit more about a future event that Epic has planned for Fortnite.

What else do we know?

Building on prominent HYPEX Fortnite ShiinaBR Leak notes that there will be a mural that will appear in the game and even says that there will be a male “Majesty” skin.

New skins are always fun in Fortnite, and it looks like this one can be obtained for free if players simply complete the King Bling quests.

Of course, this is all just a theory at this point and we don’t even know who King Bling is. If there is actually an event on that day, things will make a lot more sense and we will potentially have a better idea of ​​where the season is heading.

Doctor Slone’s debut with aliens made for an interesting start to the season, but Epic will need to keep moving forward if they want players to stay engaged. The mothership is moving around the map, so there is always the possibility that this will erase a POI at any time.

Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, but we’ve certainly been waiting for some big changes to the map for a long time. Other than a few name changes, this map looks like last season’s. Come on mothership, do something!

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