Fortnite leaks reveal next in-game New Years Eve 2021 event

New leaks on Reddit and Twitter have revealed what is expected to happen during the 2021 New Years event in Fortnite, which will take place across the world in late 2020.

As Fortnite’s Zero Point season continues, Epic Games have provided players with some exciting content to have a bite to eat. A new battle pass, cosmetics, and the winter-themed Operation Snowdown event keep players busy at the end of the year.

While Operation Snowdown will be active in Fortnite until January 5, there will also be a small in-game event to celebrate the transition from 2020 to 2021 on New Years Eve.

Some new leaks posted to Reddit and Twitter have revealed what gamers will be treated to when Fortnite servers move into the New Year.

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It looks like players will be treated to an in-game New Years event similar to last year.

In a Reddit post from “u / DrpyCatty”, a player can be seen observing special visual effects in the game. Colorful spotlights shoot out from the ground and multi-colored fireworks can be seen in the sky during the short clip.

Additionally, a glowing ball of light can be seen hovering in the sky after the fireworks disappear. This appears to be a single effect – similar to the disco ball drop from the 2020 event – so it could be a clue that Epic has something similar planned for 2021.

Here’s a look at some of the New Year’s event effects! (via @ m1fnbr) of FortniteLeaks

Another short clip tweeted by content creator ‘InTheShadeYT’ shows a different perspective of the visuals. The clip also appears to confirm that the only light in u / DrpyCatty’s video will be similar to the disco balls from previous events.

While the 2021 New Years event is not on the same level as something like Operation Snow, it’s always a great way for gamers to come together in the game and enjoy a quick celebratory event to celebrate the New Year.

Responses on Reddit appear to be mixed, with some in the community criticizing the similarities to the visuals from the 2020 New Year’s event. Others seem more satisfied, with one user saying “Don’t fix what isn’t. broken “.

While Fortnite’s 2021 New Year’s event is similar to the past two years, the festivities are expected to take place whenever each time zone enters the New Year. Players should make sure to be in-game before midnight (their time) if they wish to participate in the Fortnite festivities.

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