Fortnite gets Apple Parody Swag ahead of in-game event

Fortnite is offering parody physical Apple swag as a reward for the top 20,000 players who take part in the #FreeFortnite tournament.

Continuing his punches against multi-billion dollar companies, Fortnite is offering parody loot from Apple as a prize to players entering the lawsuit-themed tournament among many other prizes meant to demean Apple. The tournament and the prizes stem from Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, which was followed by an in-game event calling on all players to use the hashtag “#FreeFortnite”.

Epic Games has filed a complaint against Apple for anti-competitive behavior on the Apple App Store. When Fortnite implemented a payment method that allowed users to pay Epic Games directly for in-game purchases at a lower rate, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store for violating the Terms of Service. Immediately afterwards, Fortnite hosted an in-game event that featured a parody video based on Apple’s iconic 1984 Superbowl commercial. The video encouraged players to use #FreeFortnite on social media to show their support for Epic Games in its battle against one of the world’s largest mega-corporations.

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In a blog post on Epic games‘ website, Fortnite announced the #FreeFortnite tournament which will be available to players on all platforms this Sunday, August 23. Players who participate in the tournament have a chance to win special prizes such as game consoles, an exclusive in-game skin, and a physical hat that the old Apple logo parodies. The hat features a rainbow colored llama similar to Apple’s vintage rainbow Apple logo. The llama also has a bite identical to the classic logo and includes the “Free Fortnite” line underneath where Apple would have put “Think Different”. This hat will be awarded to the 20,000 best players in the world.

In addition to the parody hat, players who score a minimum of 10 points will earn the Tart Tycoon skin which is said to represent Apple as a company. The Tart Tycoon appears in the FreeFortnite campaign video as the villain. Seeing as Fortnite made it incredibly easy to get points in this tournament, all participants will likely receive this skin. Players receive 1 point for every 3 minutes they are alive. They also receive a point for each elimination they get. And players who win a round get 10 points instantly.

It was fun to watch Fortnite mock Apple by presenting the company with a serious federal lawsuit. And now players are being rewarded for choosing one side over another. This amount of support suggests that Epic Games could win the lawsuit against Apple, but a court ruling isn’t made based on how many retweets a Funny Hat gets. For now, players can show their support for Epic Games by trying to win this cute hat, but playing in a tournament doesn’t do much to settle the dispute.

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