Final Fantasy XIV Players Hosted a Squid Game Event, and the Decor Was Impeccable

When you go to a club Final Fantasy XIVplayers usually bring their best party glam, but on October 30, players dressed up in their finest Morbol Green and played games from the popular South Korean TV show squid game and gave Gil to the winners.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are busy days for Final Fantasy XIV clubs, which are tucked away in the many quarters of player accommodation. Groups of gamers sometimes turn their Free Company houses into clubs, but this group of gamers turned a house into a Squid Game for an epic night of partying and gaming. Players joined the in-game party and received Morbol Green dye to maintain the aesthetic as in-game competitors.

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Upon entering the club, players could see the iconic bunk beds to the left or right, with a staircase in the front where several DJs played for the night. While games were charging, players were listening Tic DJs and danced to the music while players in glam pink posed as guards, and VIPs were even present in the club.

The squid game the party wasn’t just for show, the players had to participate

Every 10 minutes or so, players were ushered into a room and asked to play one of the games from the TV show. Each game had a dedicated room where players used the /random command to roll a number between 1 and 999. According to the rules, players had to roll a certain number to continue the game. An element of role-playing and imagination is came into play because there aren’t many options for hosting games besides using dice rolls, but gamers still had a blast.

In the Red Light Green Light room, players had to roll higher than a 400 to advance to the next spot in the room. If they rolled under, they would use the command /sit or /playdead to indicate that they were out of play. Players who made it all the way to the bottom rolled again and the highest roll won a million Gils.

The piece had every milestone marked on the floor and even had the iconic doll standing in the front, which can be seen in the lower right corner below.

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The honeycomb room had decorations on the wall indicating the shape they were in front of, and each shape had a threshold it had to reach when rolling. If they rolled inside their threshold, they managed to carve the shape of their sugar honeycombs, and if not, they broke it and were killed. The remaining survivors rode for the prize of 1 million Gils.

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The Tug of War was housed above the location itself, which is a feat considering it kinda breaks the game and hosts decorations in the “vacuum” above the house. The players picked a side and the game runners made sure it was fairly even. Then the players rolled. The person with the lowest result lost the game for their entire team, and that team had to jump and “die”. Those who did not fall could try the Gil prize.

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The most impressive room in the whole house was the marble hall. Not only could players instantly tell what it was, but the room was so immaculately decorated that players were so busy looking around and commenting on its beauty that this game definitely took the longest time of all. .

Players were asked to find a partner and make a random roll. The person who got the lowest “died” and the survivors got the prize money. Just as it happened in squid gamesome friendships were tested in this game.

Then there was hopscotch, and that game was the only one that didn’t rely on throws, though the game master may have used one to determine which platform fell. Players had to stand on the left or right platform. Then the game masters removed one of the platforms, killing the one on top. Players who made it to the end got to roll for the Gil, but there were few left towards the end.

The last game was made in the main room, and it happened again squid game as best it could with the limited game mechanics FFXIV has. The entire hall rolled, and the highest and lowest roll were then split or stolen. Each person sent a message to the game master if he wanted to divide three million Gils or steal it. For the first two sessions of the night, the players flew. In the last match of the evening, the game masters were finally able to split the winnings between two people.

An event during the year

Final Fantasy XIV player Raskal got the idea to make Squid Game for an event about a year ago. East Raskal Tic streamer and FFXIV DJ manager Frank “djayYAMS” Oyola, and the theme parties started when YAMS was just getting started. Raskal would design the club to be theme-specific, but the house they were working with was only a mid-sized house.

This year, Raskal and their friend, the owner of the house, got their hands on a large one but could only use it for the night, which meant that the day after the event, the house was completely back to normal. . The house took about a month to set up and will be set up with new decorations for Club Prism next week. Raskal said they didn’t hit the maximum interior decor of 400, but they were pretty close. He estimates that there are nearly 350 rooms in the house that they used to decorate with.

Then, a little promo in addition to the instant crowd that the DJ’s YAM, SWAGEand Minai bring, and the event was a resounding success. For every DJ that performed, another part of the games was played, which meant the event organizers were giving away a ton of Gil for the event.

The party was the perfect theme for the weekend leading up to Halloween, and event attendees were constantly commenting on how cool the decorations were and how well thought out the games were as well. Besides a small death during matches, players seemed to really like this well-planned game. FFXIV squid gamecelebration.

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