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Square Enix celebrates the eighth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV in style as they throw in a new in-game event and awesome cake! The great thing they are doing for this event is celebrating with a special birthday cake, which you can see here as it is the creation of the former Great British Bake Off star. Kim-Joie. She reviews and shows you everything she’s done to make this totally edible birthday cake with classic Final Fantasy creatures all over it. In the meantime, we have more details on the event below which starts today.

We need it Final Fantasy XIV cake in our face! Courtesy of Square Enix.

Celebrations continue in the Realm of Eorzea as The Rising in-game event returns. From today until September 9, players who participate will be able to travel to Nald’s Steps in the city of Ul’dah to help Kipih Jakkya, who appears to be in trouble. Additional details on The Rising 2021 in-game event can be found here. In-game rewards for participating in the event include:

  • Red Moon Parasol – This elegant parasol features an image of a flaming moon, which looks strangely familiar.
  • Nymeia Potpourri – Made from the alchemically treated Nymeia lily petals, this fragrant potpourri bouquet brings a sense of tranquility to even the most troubled souls.

The three-tiered cake has a lemon sponge at its heart and is covered in buttercream, with decorations paying homage to some familiar faces from the game, including:

  • Cactuars, Sabotenders and Gigantenders – Shaped in gingerbread cookies and decorated with royal icing, placed on a sandy desert biscuit background.
  • Fat chocobos – Made from tangzhong bread, placed on a blue and white watercolor background representing the sky.
  • Spriggans – Made from mochi and filled with thick custard, squeezing their kohakutou style jelly gems.
  • surmounted by a Moogle covered in fondant
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