Every Major Video Game Event Happens In September

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades. What started as simple parlor toys has grown into a $100+ billion a year industry, branching out to all levels of society. As the gaming industry has continued to grow, so have the events surrounding it. While E3 was the only event of the year in the 1990s, it is now just one of many, and with its absence this year, others have taken over. Gamers have already been treated to a stellar season of Summer Games Fest so far this year, along with a handful of exciting Nintendo Directs and Sony State of Plays, and now Gamescom has come to wrap it all up. However, the year is far from over.


In September, players can expect a slew of gaming events, either in person or via online streams. While these events might not have the same level of influence as an E3 or Gamescom, or the same amount of game reveals or announcements, they are still worth a listen, with many panels of developers and publishers to watch.

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PAX West 2022

One of the longest running gaming events, PAX West once again returns to the Seattle Convention Center. Over the course of four days, September 2-5, fans will be able to tune in to a variety of panels, featuring high-profile guests from across the industry. From Xbox’s Matt Booty to former Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Amie, PAX West 2022 has plenty of panelists worth listening to. For those in person, the lounge should have a plethora of new games available to try, including Splaton 3, and a variety of Limited Run games. PAX West 2022 will have three live streams for its main stage panels and one for its eSports coverage.

Festival/Conference Women In Games 2022

From September 6-17, the Women In Games Festival returns for its second year, highlighting the importance of gender equality in all aspects of the games industry, from developers to journalists. To make the event as inclusive as possible, all panels will be livestreamed and available in all regions. The 2022 Women In Games Festival sees all of its original events returning, such as the Women In Games Awards and Conference, and also brings two new events to the show: the Career and Networking Expo and the Women In Games Investment and Finance Forum.

2022 Tokyo Gaming Fair

Another industry staple, Tokyo Game Show 2022 is set to take place September 15-18, and while a lucky few can attend in person, the majority who can’t are still supported via online streams. . The Tokyo Game Show often has a few reveals up its sleeves, especially from Japan-based developers like Capcom. It has just been confirmed that PSVR2 will have its first playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show, featuring Resident Evil Village VR at a time. Capcom has also confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will be playable during the event, which means it’s likely that fans will be able to see more gameplay during the show.

EGX London 2022

September is completed by EGX London 2022, which runs from September 22-25. Although some panels may be streamed live via EGX London’s official Twitch channel, this is primarily an in-person event. For those lucky enough to get tickets, EGX London 2022 has a plethora of indie titles to play at the show, as well as classic multiplayer games already set up for large-scale LAN matches. EGX London 2022 will also give UK players their first chance to try out sound borders ahead of its November release date.

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