Euro and American Truck Simulator In-Game Event Carries COVID-19 Vaccines

Big rig drivers in one or the other Euro Truck Simulator 2 Where American Truck Simulator are urged to make virtual deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines, although even that sort of thing cannot move forward without some people complaining that this is a political statement.

The SCS software “Hauling Hope Event is quite simple: make at least seven undamaged deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine shipment. The catch: The cargo in question has no tolerance for damage, so drivers need a Fragile Cargo skill of level 1 or higher. The price: a feat, plus a Hope Trucker air freshener for your cabin.

Image: SCS software

OK, quite timely gesture, declaration of solidarity with the long-haul carriers who have supported us for a year, right? Well, not exactly. Some fight pickers in the comments under SCS Software’s announcement blog and the Facebook post told the studio to stick with trucking and complained that this event was an unwelcome reminder of the real world.

Others responded that such feelings were 10-1 (poorly received) and advised complainants 10-7 (get out of service). “Hauling Hope is an event, not a political statement,” said one trucker. “Covid is fearful but this event is not. Have fun. Thanks, SCS.

“Real-life truckers are essential workers in delivering food and supplies,” said another. “I’m so proud to be at least a virtual trucker, especially in the events of this one. […] #TheBestCommunityEver is proud that SCS brings us events like this.

The leaders of the SCS community always had to ask people to be civilians. “It doesn’t matter if you stand up for vaccines or against them, these truckers still have to work really hard and we wanted to give them their well-deserved 15 minutes of fame,” the developers said. “But if you don’t like this event, you don’t need to attend. It is not mandatory, it is totally up to each of you.

Either way, the Hauling Hope event runs through Sunday, February 7 at 6:59 p.m. EST.

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