Dallas Animal Shelter Takes Steps To Address COVID Staffing Issues

The pandemic is impacting another part of life in Dallas: namely the hours of operation of the city’s animal shelter.

According to a statement, Dallas Animal Services will temporarily close on Thursday due to staffing issues. The problems are twofold:

  • shortage of personnel caused by the national labor shortage
  • the rise in staff illnesses due to COVID-19

Dallas Animal Services initially called it a temporary closure, but now says it will be closed to the public on Thursdays until further notice.

This will allow DAS to adjust customer service staff schedules to ensure more appropriate coverage and a higher level of service for residents throughout the week.

Despite the closure, pet owners looking to retrieve lost pets will still be able to call the Pet Help Desk to complete the recovery process.

And despite the staff shortage, the DAS field team will continue to operate seven days a week.

However, response times are expected to be longer than normal, especially for lower priority appeals, until these staffing issues are resolved.

The new hours open to the public and offering online adoptions are:

  • Sunday-Wednesday 1pm-6pm
  • Friday 1-6 p.m.
  • Saturday 11am-6pm

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Jennifer R. Strohm