Cunninghame Housing Association awards £1,000 to Ardrossan Highland Games


The McCammonts, John Kelly and Tom McCammont

On April 11, John Kelly, chairman of the Cunninghame Housing Association, presented a check for £1,000 to Tom and Les McCammont, members of the Ardrossan Highland Games committee.

The Ardrossan Highland Games are organized by a hardworking group of Ardrossan volunteers who have managed to create one of North Ayrshire’s premier annual events.

Ardrossan has hosted the Highland Games since June 1979 and has been held every year since, but due to Covid it has not been held for two years. Traditionally, the Games are held on the second Sunday in June at Memorial Fields in Ardrossan (this year June 12, 2022) and are expected to attract around 4,000 visitors.

It provides an opportunity for young talents to show off their abilities, i.e. dancers, pipers, etc. It also provides a platform for many local charities to highlight their issues and raise funds.

Funding for Ardrossan Highland comes from the fund of the association “Making Our Communities a Better Place” which operates throughout the year (from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) until the allocated funds are exhausted.

The Ardrossan Highland Games Committee said: “We are delighted that the Games are returning this year and appreciate the continued support of the Cunninghame Housing Association.”

John Kelly added: “The Association is delighted to support the Ardrossan Highland Games and help maintain a local tradition. The Games are sure to provide the local community with a fun-filled day and give local charities an opportunity to highlight their issues and raise much-needed funds.

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Jennifer R. Strohm