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CatSnip, the company that has been the provider of sterilization / spaying and other services for the Barrow County Animal Control Department since July 2019, recently opened local appointments to the general public after moving into the building. recently renovated Animal Services owned by County Barrow. Park Drive in Winder.

The Metro Atlanta-based company, which recently got a DBA and operates locally as “All the Fixins,” moved into the building previously occupied by former county service provider Leftover Pets about two months ago. and began serving the public in mid-November, ”said CatSnip owner Renee Cardona, adding that the delayed opening was the result of contractor issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She said CatSnip obtained the DBA in an attempt to “not confuse the public” because he cares for dogs in addition to cats.

Cardona said the building now includes new floors, improved cages, IV pumps and “high-end” equipment.

Cardona noted that by opening up to the general public, All the Fixins offers residents of County Barrow, especially those on low and moderate incomes, another sterilization / sterilization option at costs comparable to providers like Leftover Pets non-profit. She said the company also offers spaying / neutering for dogs over 50 pounds, which Leftover Pets did not offer. Cardona said the company remains committed to helping solve lingering feral and community cat problems in the county and has formed the CatSnip Cares Foundation to begin seeking grants for low-income families and the public.

Public meetings can be booked online at Website visitors can click on the “Barrow Location Book an Appointment” tab at the top of the page for pricing information and to schedule an appointment.

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Jennifer R. Strohm