Chloe Lawson opens a second cafe in the Braemar Highland Games pavilion


Twenty-year-old entrepreneur Chloe Lawson has opened her second cafe in the Braemar Highland Games pavilion.

Chloe, from Alford, already runs a cafe in her home town, known as Chloe’s Kitchen Creations, which launched in May 2019 when the talented baker was just 17.

Her business continued to thrive throughout the pandemic, leaving Chloe determined to expand beyond the city and settle in a second location.

The new café has been under construction for a month and can accommodate 44 people.

It’s called Chloe’s Kitchen Creations @ The Pavilion and will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily starting today.

Scrambled eggs on crusty bread with smoked salmon.

Serving pastries at Braemar

The opportunity to occupy the pavilion space arose after discussions with the Braemar Highland Games Centre.

“We had gone for a tour and looking around and hearing about the center, all these ideas started to come to mind,” Chloe said.

“I’ve always wanted to expand beyond Alford, and if Covid has taught me anything, it’s to go there.”

The cafe is 153 square meters and has indoor and outdoor seating.

Chloe Lawson and some team members.

Breakfast and lunch items will be available, along with a variety of drinks, Shorty’s ice cream and, of course, homemade cakes and pastries.

These include:

  • Brookies
  • stuffed brownies
  • Fresh cream cakes
  • Classic puddings
  • scones

Chloe said: “The Highlanders Platter is a must. It’s full of local produce.

“There’s chutney, chilli jam from Bakery Lane, bread from The Bread Guy, aatcakes from Kindness Bakery, pate from HM Sheridan, cheese from Cambus O’ May and charcuterie from Great Glen.

“We also have access to the small Gatehouse Cafe, which we will continue to offer our much-loved milkshakes and sundaes using Shorty’s Ice Cream. And a catering area too, where we again have a lot of local products.

“Our daily specials will also highlight local suppliers. And our favorite afternoon teas are always available for reservation.

Like her first coffee, everything will be done on site by Chloé and her close-knit team of five.

This team is growing to 15 with a few positions still available.

Highland breakfast.
The exterior.

Elegant and historic

Already elegantly furnished, with touches of Duke of Rothesay tartan, and overlooking the grounds of the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife memorial, Chloe and the team had to carry out minimal work in the cafe.

They received the keys to the premises on Tuesday, March 1.

“There was no renovation to do, we just had to put all our stock in, clean up and do some training,” Chloe continued.

The cafe has a capacity of 44.

“The cafe is part of a museum, so there’s a lot to see in there. The building is beautiful on its own. I love it.

“My team really enjoy working here with the amazing surroundings. Braemar is such a pretty village with a huge offer of shops etc.”


Until the summer, Chloe will devote her time to setting up and running Chloe’s Kitchen Creations @ The Pavilion.

Then, the entrepreneur will divide his time between the two cafes.

She said: “Going from a take-out to a cafe (at Chloe’s Kitchen Creations) is a big step, but we’re ready.

“I am extremely pleased with how far we have come in just under three years!”

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[Chloe Lawson opens second cafe in Braemar’s Highland Games Pavilion]


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