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The 32nd Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be held on June 15-16.


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Fans of all things Scottish will enjoy the annual festival in Itasca, Ill. This weekend.

The Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be presented on June 15-16 at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca.

“This is our 32nd annual festival,” said Gus Noble, president of the Chicago Scots. The Chicago Scots, Illinois’ oldest charitable organization, are also the largest Scottish cultural organization in North America.

During the festival, guests will enjoy a variety of events and attractions, including an intensive athletic exhibition, music, dance competitions, a UK motor show, a Haggis meal competition, a Scottish zoo, Scottish genealogy learning opportunities, children’s activities, shortbread competition, whiskey tasting and much more.

On the Celtic Marketplace, customers can purchase jewelry, kilts and other clothing, knick-knacks, Scottish items, and various foods.

“We are very excited about the festival this year,” Noble said, adding that this year’s performance will feature the biggest bagpipe competition in America.

“People will be able to see all these technical competitions,” he added. Bagpipe artists, he explained, have put in many years of practice and are totally dedicated to their art.

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