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VALDESE – Armed with a new order approved on Tuesday, Burke County Animal Services seized two emaciated and injured horses on a farm in Valdese on Friday evening.

Animal services have been investigating the condition of horses at a farm on Lakeview Acres Road in Valdese for at least a month, according to animal services documents.

The horses were seized for animal abuse, said Kaitlin Settlemyre, director of Burke County Animal Services.

Settlemyre said on Saturday morning that both horses were in very poor condition.

“We have the vet here with them right now and she says it’s really bad,” Settlemyre said. “One of the horses, she won’t be able to be rehabilitated. All we can really do is try to keep her comfortable for the next moment, and they’re about to work on our stallion in. He has a very serious injury, a possible broken leg, and they are both emaciated and therefore in very poor condition.

While there were other horses on the property, Settlemyre said they were only able to seize those in imminent danger, requiring immediate veterinary care.

The mare that was seized was in the worst condition of the two. Settlemyre said the game plan was to try and keep her comfortable for the next moment, just to see if she gets better. Settlemyre said that even if the horse improves, no one will be able to ride it, but the goal is to make it painless.

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