Boise boy raises nearly $2,000 for the Idaho Humane Society

Ben Miller, 9, loves animals and has raised a lot of money for IHS with his lemonade stand over the past two years. He says it feels good.

BOISE, Idaho — Ben Miller, 9, of Boise may be a kid, but over the past few years, this third-grader has raised about $2,000 for the Idaho Humane Society (IHS). How did he do it? Sell ​​lemonade!

This week, Ben walked into IHS with a very special delivery. A large plastic bag full of cash, the proceeds from his last lemonade stand.

“We held a lemonade stand last weekend and raised $1,150,” Ben beamed with pride.

Ben was so happy to hand over all that money to IHS.

“I wanted to donate money and give the animals supplies and food to keep them happy,” Ben told KTVB.

It all started a few years ago.

“I started two years ago and the first time I gave about $200, and the second time I gave about $600, and this time about $1,150,” Ben said. “I usually sell lemonade, lavender lemonade, cookies and dog treats.”

Ben’s proud mom, Amy Miller, says he’s always had a heart for animals. He’s a big fan of cats.

“He’s always loved animals, whether it’s saving Rolly Pollies on our walks or reptiles. He loves dogs, but cats are his favorite. He’d spend every dollar of that money adopting every cat here. if I let him,” Amy said. “I’m so proud of him and his heart, he makes me so happy.”

IHS is always amazed by the generosity of children in our community.

“When we see lonely kids asking for donations, it just means the world to us,” said Kristine Schellhaas, communications manager for IHS. “We are always short of cat donations, and since Ben loves cats, we will definitely use it to help cats! We are so grateful. Thank you Ben, thank you Ben’s family, from the bottom of our hearts.”

The support for Ben’s lemonade stands from his family, friends and our community has been incredible. For his most recent booth, people saw him doing it on social media, heard about it on the radio, and showed up in droves! Ben was so blown away by the number of people who donated who also care about animals.

“I would say, thank you! I think I’ll do it every year, or at least for as long as possible,” Ben said.

Ben is already making plans for next year’s lemonade stand!

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