Blade gets a fresh start with a new home after being adopted by the Sumter County Animal Shelter

Blade has found a home and couldn’t be happier. He found it last weekend when Mark Swanson visited Animal Services looking for a new dog.

“We can’t thank the people who work at the Sumter County Animal Shelter enough for helping to find our wonderful dog named Blade,” said Mark Swanson. “From the moment we arrived we received a friendly welcome at reception, and from the very good dog handlers, and the person who helped us choose Blade, or should I say Blade chose us. Everyone we encountered was professional, kind and caring. It is clear that the workers and volunteers love animals and care a lot about them.

Blade is resting comfortably in his new home.

Swason had been looking for a dog for about two months until he came to Sumter County Animal Services and met Blade. “When I first met Blade, he was so calm and friendly. Unfortunately, someone shot him in the leg, and I thought he had been through a tough time, so I wanted to give him lucky to have a great life. Maybe he connected with me because he could feel it,” Swanson said.

So far, everything is going very well with Blade. “He’s very attentive. He’s friendly, smart, he knows how to sit and shake. He’s a great dog. I can’t believe how well he’s doing and how much feeling I have. lucky to have her in my life.

The blade is about a year old. He had been in the care of Animal Service for a month before being adopted.

“He’s a very sweet boy and allowed us to care for him while he healed,” said Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, DVM, Sumter County Animal Services.

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Jennifer R. Strohm