Bangkok chef insists no entertainment events will be canceled


Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt insists no public entertainment events will be canceled in the city despite pleas from the Ministry of Public Health.

The 56-year-old city leader said canceling any upcoming event without reason would cause panic among the population.

The Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Kiattiphum Wongrajit, informed the media that he wanted meet with Chadchart to discuss a new plan to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Bangkok. Additionally, Kiattiphum said the Public Health Ministry wants Bangkok to cancel some activities to curb the rising number of coronavirus infections.

Chadchart said he had not received an official invitation but said he would be happy to send the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Wantanee Wattnana, in his place.

Chadchart said there was no need to cancel events in Bangkok, such as the ongoing music in the garden, which started on June 10, and outdoor film festivals were external events. Face masks were encouraged at all times, and no Covid clusters have evolved since the event.

The governor of Bangkok said most of the new victims of the virus were infected by family members, friends and colleagues. But the town leader insisted he would take MOPH’s concerns and suggestions into account.

Chadchart said Bangkok would cancel the events if it deemed it necessary, and again stressed that it was willing to adjust Covid prevention measures if adverse effects were spotted at the events.

He added that plans had been changed for an orchestra competition at the end of this month. The competition will now be an outdoor activity and social distancing measures and ATK testing will be in place at the event.

Deputy Permanent Secretary Wantanee told the media that she would join the MOPH meeting to discuss the process of distributing Covid drugs. She admitted the number of new Covid cases has increased, but believes it is under control as most Bangkok residents have already had their booster shots.

Wantanee urged those infected to self-quarantine even for 10 days and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

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