Bagpipers face off at the Highland Games in Delafield

The Highland Games were nearly canceled for a second year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some avid bagpipers were not going to let that happen.

“It’s a fun event. It’s just very sad that it had to be canceled,” said director Connie Young.

The Highland Games typically feature a variety of events each year with heavy track, dancing, bagpipes, and archery among them.

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As the pandemic called off the games in 2020, the withdrawal of vendors nearly ended the games of 2021. But a group of bagpipers, drummers and even dancers were determined to keep showing up and competing, so the Highland Games have teamed up with St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy to provide a venue for musicians.

“The pipers and bands really wanted to come and have a chance to compete and see our friends again and get a little bit of our sense of normalcy,” said Dave Bruning, Wisconsin Scottish / Highland president of bagpipes and drums. Games.

Bagpipers compete at the Highland Games in Delafield.

Although on a smaller scale, the staff at the Highland Games were always happy to see pipers, drummers drumming and judges judging the competition.

“It’s so nice to hear the tips again. There are hundreds or thousands of hours collectively that these people have spent preparing for this contest, so just being able to offer them that really means a lot. for us, ”Bruning said. .

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