As Trial Ends, Pets In Need Opens Up On Revamped Protocols | New

The entrance to the Palo Alto Animal Sanctuary, which is operated by the nonprofit Pets In Need, on June 15, 2021. Photo by Daniela Beltran B.

Pets In Need, the nonprofit that operates the Palo Alto animal shelter, released a statement it hopes will help improve its relationship with the community now that a Superior Court judge Santa Clara County has ruled that three of its employees were not negligent in the heat-related deaths of seven puppies last year.

In an August 9 statement, Pets In Need said the nonprofit organization was pleased with the court’s decision to grant the three workers charged with the misdemeanor access to a diversion program requiring two of them doing community service and a stipulation that the three don’t have any other legal issues for six months. They are also eligible for expungement from the criminal record.

The court’s decision “will allow our community to close this unfortunate chapter and continue to focus on our nearly 60-year mission of providing loving, lasting homes for at-risk animals in the Bay Area and beyond.” “, reads the press release from Pets In Need.

“August 2, 2021 was a difficult day for the entire Pets In Need community, and we are firmly committed to ensuring that an incident like this never happens again. Over the past year, PIN consulted with veterinary experts from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to carefully review and update our transportation, animal care, and housing protocols to reflect best practices. fulfill our animal care responsibilities, including proper nutrition, hydration, enrichment and behavioral care, as well as appropriate medical care,” the organization said.

Pets In Need also improved staff resources and training and appointed new managers for shelter, adoptions and volunteers, as well as new directors of shelter medicine, shelter operations, finance and human ressources.

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Jennifer R. Strohm