As entertainment events return to Kansas City, so do mask orders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – From Monday Night Raw to Garth Brooks, events are returning to the entertainment venues of Kansas City. This, while an indoor mask warrant is put back in place in an attempt to stop the wave of coronavirus cases.

Masks in Kansas City, Missouri are a must for people indoors.

On the heels of their first event at full capacity since closing, the T-Mobile Center and all other Kansas City indoor venues have received the new one – patrons will have to dress up.

“Being at full capacity is great,” said Shani Tate Ross, vice president of sales and marketing for T-Mobile. “We now know we need to be nimble and ready for change and we are ready to do it. “

Tate Ross has said at this time that they will not be limiting capacity for future events.

The Harlen Globetrotters are the only publicly ticketed event until August 28 – when the mask requirement will be lifted.

Kansas Citian D. Perrino said she would still attend events if masks were needed. She also happens to be a 34 year old nurse.

“I think that would be sufficient protection. I don’t know if they space people out, you know, people space out, ”Perrino said. “But I think it would still protect you from COVID-19. “

Tate Ross said the seats will stay the same, no pod seats like we’ve seen in the past.

“Other safety and well-being protocols will remain in effect in terms of social distancing,” said Tate Ross.

Garth Brooks will be performing next weekend at Arrowhead.

Although it is mainly an outdoor place, there are closed places such as suites.

“The Dance” continues – sorting out the protocols before the country singer arrives.

The Royals also have time to come up with a plan.

They’ll be on the road after the requirement takes effect, and they’ll be back on August 9. They will therefore determine the adjustments before this date.

The mayor said there are incentives for people who choose to get the shot at the Garth Brooks concert on August 7.

We’ve reached out to people with Garth Brooks and Arrowhead.

The Chiefs said on Wednesday they had no update to provide.

Once again, the mask’s mandate begins on Monday, as more sites finalize protocols, FOX4 will be sure to let you know.

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