Aroged: Waffentrager: Legacy Game event started in online action game World of Tanks

In three years, there has been a change of course, but this time there is something interesting to do.

Lesta Games releases Waffentrager: Legacy in World of Tanks, which is a game for the third time in a row. Players again have the option of taking control of the huge Blitztrager auf E 110 or joining the Hounds team.

Whichever side they choose to win, tankers can also purchase Theme Packs from the Premium Shop. They include exclusive decals (no game) and a free key to play Blitztrager auf 110.

From this group of players presenting the Masterhander pack, they will launch a virtual server with the software, valuable in-game items such as computers, credits, tips, resources and supplies. When activated, it can destroy a greater number of new vehicles than the other new vehicles: the British Tier IX FV4201 Chieftain Proto heavy tank and the Soviet Tier VIII KV-4 KTTS tank destroyer. You can also rent the iconic Waffentrager auf E 100 tank destroyer on the Engineer Portal until October 18.

In order to complete event objectives and progress to maximum progression, and for the rare winning Blitztrager on E 220, players will receive two types of starters needed to launch portals that hide rewards.

By using a Gop and/or Run vehicle, or by completing events or progressing through certain stages, you can earn Gop and Run Vehicles. You can start the Hound portal, where you can deposit valuable bonuses. To complete the tasks while playing with the E11, you can hire a junior engineer. They need to launch the Engineer’s Portal. You can buy the entries so that you can complete certain stages of the progress bar, as well as a bonus in special sets. The list of available rewards and the drop rate are complete.

Like last year, the Engineers portals have a guaranteed auto mechanic. If the player spends 49 Engineer entries, but still does not get a premium vehicle, then on the 50th launch of the Engineers portal, he will definitely get a random car from the list (which he still does not have). If the tanker has all the vehicles from the above list in the hangar, the guaranteed rewards mechanism will be disabled.


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The Waffentrager: Legacy event kicked off today, September 26, and won’t last until Monday, September 10.

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Jennifer R. Strohm