Animal shelters and sanctuaries: how can you help?

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) – Animal shelters across the country are overrun, with many worn-out staff members.

Even if you can’t open your home to another pet, local animal shelter staff and foster families say there are ways you can help.

Many rescues, like Cat’s Cradle, have wish lists for needed supplies. Others may need volunteers to feed or transport pets.

“It’s another very important volunteer opportunity to transport these animals to their vet appointments or other rescue groups that are going to take them in,” said Kimberly Hawk of Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge.

There are a number of reasons why shelters and rescues are very busy right now. It’s kitten season, the time of year when breeding is more frequent and more kittens are born. Hawk adds that fewer people are looking to adopt pets right now.

“A lot of people adopted during COVID, so now the pool of adopters is lower because there’s only so many animals people want to bring into their homes,” Hawk said.

Rescues and shelters are primarily looking for foster families and adopters, but they can always use donations and volunteers.

You can read more about Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge on their website, and you can also click on links to learn more about promotion, volunteering, adopting, and donating.

Cat’s Cradle also has a website, where you can learn how to contribute. The Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center website also shows you how to get involved. They also have an Amazon wishlist.

The Augusta Regional SPCA website has tabs for Volunteering, Adoption, Donating, and Promoting, and they have a list of needed items on their website.

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