animal shelter closed due to potential employee exposure to COVID-19

The possible exposure of staff to the delta variant of the coronavirus has temporarily closed the Cleveland County Animal Shelter.

Some shelter workers may have been exposed to the delta variant and county officials want to ensure the well-being of not only these workers, but those in the public who might buy a new furry friend, said Tony Adair, director. of Cleveland. County Animal Services.

“Some people self-quarantine and there aren’t enough people to allow public access,” Adair said. “We’re down to minimal staff and they’ll take care of the animals. We do not have the staff to greet people and welcome animals.

While the shelter is not currently accepting or adopting pets, the department will still provide emergency services, Adair said.

“We hope we can start bringing people back on Thursday so we can get back to normal,” Adair said.

Staff closed their Clear the Shelter event on September 18, a national event that calls on the community to help pets find their forever homes. Almost 100 animals were brought into new families. Adair doesn’t think the few days of closure will have a big impact on future adoptions, but adds that the public must wait for a reopening date.

“Before you come to the shelter, make sure we’re open and available,” Adair said. “At this point we will resume no earlier than Thursday (September 30) unless something else happens. That’s the nature of COVID right now. We can potentially get a curve ball. We hate that we are not final.

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