Animal pandemic: shelters are filling up again

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – A little over a year ago, we packed our desks and made desks to our dining tables to work from home.

There were a few pluses to the predicament – more time for our furry friends and more adoptions than ever before.

Now that the humans are returning to the office, the shelters are back to square one and say they need all the help they can get.

“What we are seeing is that rescue shelters and sanctuaries are now inundated with these pets that… all of a sudden they have no reason to exist anymore,” said Marsha Panuce, founder of Donte’s Den Pet Rescue.

She says shelters across the Suncoast are now chock full of paws, with some pandemic animals even made.

“Now American companies are recalling,” Marsha said. “Now what do you do with that pet that has really been your companion for about nine or ten months?” “

Animal rights activists are calling the wave a “shelter pandemic” and saying it’s a problem affecting rescues nationwide.

“There are always, always and always abandoned and abandoned dogs and cats, and they need our help,” said Deanna Murchie, president of the Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch.

Shelters are looking for foster families more than ever for help, and are hoping more people will sign up to volunteer their time if they can’t hire a full-time friend.

They say if you can’t take another animal, consider donating. If you can’t donate, donate your time and volunteer instead.

“You could come here and, you know, love a pet, walk a pet and just have fun,” Deanna said.

As life returns to normal, advocates say they hope this influx will level off and receive more help along the way.

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