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TELL CITY – The budget for an animal shelter in Perry County was presented to county commissioners at the regular meeting on Tuesday, March 22.

Shelby Sandlin of Harrison County Animal Control came forward to propose a budget for an animal shelter.

Animals’ Best Friends, The Vanderburg Society of Evansville, or both on board to help create a shelter in Perry County. Harrison County has had success and she wants to see Perry County head in the same direction.

The fundraising aspect has been planned and the issue of veterinary services will be temporarily handled by Vanderburg County while a vet is found as a permanent solution in Perry County. The goal is to open an animal sanctuary by January 1, 2023.

Both Tom Hauser and Greg Jarboe offered their support for the animal shelter project. Randy Kleaving said it was the best thing they had done and that he was grateful for Shelby’s efforts. Jim Carter offered his support and said he would do his best to bring in volunteers.

At the commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, they discussed the Armory’s old boiler which was supposed to be surplus. Steve Hauser introduced himself and said it hadn’t been used since the renovation. They left it there because the original quote was too high to have it removed and not worth fixing. The new system was cheaper. It is now annoying and obsolete. The commissioners voted to delete it.

Breanne Walsh showed up to ask for the road to be closed for the April running marathon hosted by Everbody Gym. The closure of the road has been voted.

Next on the agenda was discussion of polling station locations and the use of the new electronic registration system for the primaries. The machines will be in kiosk mode with nacelles. Kiosk mode locks it down so it can’t randomly connect to the internet. This will add extra security since it needs to be connected to the internet. Everyone is encouraged to come out and vote and try out the e-pole to see if it’s secure and will make everything run smoothly. The city wants everyone to get used to it. Resident Cindy Taylor asked about the extended use of the machines. City Clerk Rachel Roark said the state plans to mandate them eventually. Roark thinks once everyone sees how awesome it is, people will feel more comfortable. It is best to start with a small election so that people can become familiar with using the e-pole.

Megan Jaspersen with the Purdue Extension came forward to share their annual report, saying good things have happened with their programs.

Steve Howell from Street Services came forward to ask for a new mechanic. The hiring motion and salary funds were approved.

Sheriff Alan Malone came forward last to say whether or not they had to deal with the lighting. They now have a local offer and will commit at the next meeting to make a choice. The commissioners agreed that they had to stop “kicking” and make a choice. Malone then talked about their new drop box at the Perry County Sheriff‘s Office for Adverse Drugs. The 525 foundation sponsors the box.

The next meeting will be April 4 at 6:00 p.m. in the Armory Annex.

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Jennifer R. Strohm