AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer to help displaced animals in Chatham County, GA

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA AKC Reunite, the largest non-profit animal identification and recovery service provider in the United States, is pleased to announce the donation of its 98e AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer in Chatham County, GA. This rescue gear will be available to send to any local disaster scene that needs help sheltering pets. This trailer was delivered on August 10e. He will help Chatham County Animal Services assist community pets that may need to be moved in an emergency.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief is a national program sponsored by AKC Reunite, the nation’s largest non-profit microchip identification and recovery service. AKC Reunite partners with AKC® Kennel clubs and pet lovers across the country to make these donations a reality. The Chatham County Animal Services trailer was made possible by a donation from the Savannah Kennel Club.

“Sheltering pets in the wake of a disaster is extremely important, and we are grateful to the Savannah Kennel Club for their life-saving donation,” said Tom Sharp, President and CEO of AKC Reunite. . “The Savannah area is particularly at risk from hurricanes, and now Chatham County Animal Services will be better equipped to help pets in the area in the event of a disaster.”

Equipment from AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers helps create a temporary, safe home base for at least 65 pets for the first 72 hours after a disaster is declared. The trailers house and deliver essential animal care items including crates and carriers, AKC Reunite microchip and universal AKC Reunite microchip scanner, bowls, collars and leashes as well as fans, lighting and a generator, cleaning products and maintenance items. These supplies can be used as roommate shelters, where people can bug out with their pets, as well as emergency shelters for displaced animals.

“We are thrilled to have received an AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer,” said Dr. Jake Harper, Director of Animal Services, Chatham County Animal Services. “Helping animals in times of need is extremely important, and this trailer will make it easier for us to do just that.”

“The Savannah Kennel Club is proud to be able to bring the first AKC Reunite disaster relief trailer to the Georgia coast. SKC, with the help of our generous donors and community events, has made this achievement possible,” said Savannah Kennel Club President Kathryn Palmer. “Our members are proud to partner with local rescues and government to make a positive difference and bring much-needed equipment to the lowlands in the event of a disaster. We look forward to unveiling the trailer to the community at our event, WAGFEST: Celebrating Responsible Dog Owners and Their Puppies, September 17-18 at Guy Minick Park in Savannah. »

Learn more about how to get involved with AKC Pet Disaster Relief at www.akcreunite.org/relief.

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