A man attacked by a rabid fox in Brunswick County over the bank holiday weekend

ASH, NC (WECT) – Shawn Gore and his family were thrilled with a fun-filled vacation weekend at his parents’ home in Ash, NC. Shawn even woke up early Sunday morning to try and make a trip to the beach.

“I woke up around five and walked through my parents’ front door to the beach and watched the sunrise,” he said.

Then the unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a wild fox attacked Gore and latched onto his leg.

“I immediately understood that I was going to have to fight this animal,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was a cat, you know, at first, but it clung to me and wasn’t going to let go until I pulled it out of my body.

Her family were immediately awakened by the commotion outside, even attempting to kill the fox itself. They ended up calling deputies from Brunswick County Animal Services who put the animal down.

“He even tried to attack them guys,” Gore’s father Roger Gore said. “But they kind of fought it and stuff.”

Worse still, tests came back Wednesday afternoon showing the fox had rabies. Now Gore must undergo intense treatments while his foot and ankle continue to heal.

“The treatments, I’ll spare you the worst,” Gore said. “But it’s not something you want to go through. I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and received the injections directly into each of the wounds and then an additional shot in both arms.

Gore and his family say they were scarred after what happened Sunday morning. Considering this is the third fox attack in the county in less than a month, he hopes people will learn from it and be better prepared if they find themselves in a similar situation.

“Always be ready,” he said. “You never know. It was a shock. It could happen to anyone. I know. It’s rare. But be prepared.

Health service experts say that if you are bitten by a wild animal, you should call animal control immediately. They say you also need to clean the wound for 15 minutes with soap and water and be able to provide an accurate description of the animal that attacked you.

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