22-pound hammer kills Dutch Highland Games spectator

In a strange accident at the Netherlands, a spectator was killed while watching the hammer throw competition at the Highland Games after being hit in the head by the 22-pound ball.

The 65-year-old was walking through the grounds of Geldrop Castle when the invisible hammer flew through the air and hit him.

“The pendulum lowered, we saw the ball fall over the hedge, then we heard a lady scream extremely loudly,” a witness told local news source Omroep Brabant.

He didn’t see the ball coming at all since he was not a spectator, as stated.

Rather than attending the Open Highland Games, the guy was in the castle grounds.

Emergency personnel, including a trauma helicopter, flocked to the site, but he was pronounced dead there.

Traditional Scottish games use a wooden pole with a metal ball connected to the end known as a “hammer”.

The Games were instantly stopped when the guy was knocked to the ground, and the spectators could do nothing but look in despair.

People were allowed to go behind the hedge, witnesses said, although they were warned not to stay where the ball had landed.

After the incident, the hammer thrower was ‘extremely distressed’, according to a witness, who also noted that the athlete was ‘not a rookie, but really a top player’ who had previously competed in events important.

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Jennifer R. Strohm